Donald trumps Barron


Barron Trump, youngest son of former US President Donald Trump, has offered to “swap parents” with the estranged daughter of  technology billionaire Elon Musk. (main picture)

But legal observers say a simple tactic adopted by the ex-President is certain to stymie his son’s plans.

Barron, 16, who lives with his parents at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Miami, Florida, has filed notice in a California court seeking to legally transfer parental rights over him to Mr Musk.

The legal manoeuvre follows news that one of Mr Musk’s five children is seeking to legally sever all links with him. (below)

Xavier Musk, who turned 18 in April, is transitioning gender to become Vivian Jenna Wilson and has filed documents in a Los Angeles court saying she wanted to confirm her gender and her new name and no longer wished “to be related to my biological father in any way shape or form”.

In the documents Barron Trump filed in the same LA court he stated his desire to “trade places” with Musk’s child to “escape my batshit crazy father”.

The document said Barron Trump had met Elon Musk and acknowledged that the technology pioneer was “a rolled-gold loon” who often publicly expressed his own “imbecilic, illogical, and embarrassing ideas” but he “could not possibly be worse than my current father”.

A date for hearing Barron Trump’s application has not been set and the response of either of the Musks involved is not yet known.

However, legal observers said Donald Trump was almost certain to block his son’s move.

“You’ve got to hand it to the Donald,” said one expert in US family law who did not wish to be named. “He knows how to do a deal and he knows how to screw a deal.

“Barron has no hope of securing the orders he seeks ever since his father warned him that his legal adventure would be horrendously expensive and offered to provide his son a high-powered attorney to advise him free of charge.

“Barron and Rudy Giuliani are yet to sit down to discuss the case, but it’s really all academic, isn’t it?”