Invisible man sighted

Remember Piers Morgan? That British right-winger signed up by right-winger Rupert Murdoch to front a right-wing political commentary program for right-wing audiences in the UK, US, and Down Under?

We’d forgotten about him too, to be frank.

Although this column did recently run an item based on news from the UK where Mr Morgan and his program have been recording zero viewers in officially measured audience ratings.

We suspect the same might be happening here which is why Mr Morgan has been somewhat the invisible man ever since the big splash the Murdoch media gave him just prior to the launch of his new show.

But just the other day we spied a big full-page ad in a News Crap Australia turdbloid plugging him and his program. (main picture)

Desperation? We reckon that may well be the reason and that the zero rating judgement of viewers in the UK may well have been mirrored in Australian audiences.

We certainly can’t recall stories in the Murdoch media spruiking Mr Morgan’s sensational ratings since the premiere of his show.


Our MGH teams think it is an interesting spin being put on the progress of the Albanese Government by some right-wing columnists in the national broadshit The Australia.

Perhaps we have included a redundant word or two there. You’d know what we mean if we had just referred to columnists in The Australian.

But back to the point we were making. Take international affairs commentator Greg Sheridan who penned a recent column (below) that effectively declared that the recent success the Albanese Government had in re-establishing dialogue with Beijing – in the form of talks between Deputy PM Richard Marles and the Chinese Defence Minister – was due to the work of the Morrison Government.

Even those on our staff not trained in the delicate and subtle arts of diplomacy and international affairs said: Huh?

Sheridan hangs his hat on “the Morrison Government’s resolve in years of not bending to Beijing’s intimidation”.

We’d like to know if Greg thinks that “resolve” included the long period now Opposition Leader Peter Dutton spent haranguing China and provoking it to start a war for domestic political purposes?


Another right-wing columnist for The Oz. Sorry, another columnist for The Oz – this time Judith Sloan – is also not cutting the new government any slack.

She recently used the space she is regularly allotted to push deeply conservative views and causes to say the Albanese Government’s efforts to shift the nation to use more renewable energy sources would not have much impact on power prices for some time. (below)

Yes, Judith, that in itself may be correct. But she fails to mention that had the Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison governments not spent a decade doing nothing but internally argue over this very issue then the nation as a whole might be much, much further down the renewables track and prices may by now have been lower.