No-Eyebrows gets a nod or two

The bitter retired hacks who publish The Bug and compile this Media Glass House column have trouble remembering last week let alone what happened way back in their reporting days.

But they do vaguely remember some basic rules when reporting on politicians’ speeches. You try your very best not to give away a tell as to what you think of their comments as they are made, and you don’t boo or clap loudly and jump to your feet and shout “you’ll be PM after the next election!” when they finish their remarks.

So why was the ABC’s Andrew Probyn nodding – albeit faintly but obvious nevertheless – when Peter Dutton was explaining what sort of Opposition he would lead.

Probyn’s little nods of approval were captured at the start of Sunday’s Insiders program.

Given that Probyn is the scribe who declared Albanese’s unemployment rate “gaffe” on the first full day of the campaign could very well be the defining moment of the campaign – and clearly not in a positive way – you’d think Probyn would now want to be very, very, careful how he comes across.

The MGH grabbed these two images (above) off Twitter so even though you can’t trust that social media platform anywhere near as much as you can trust the mainstream media for accuracy (insert loud and prolonged canned laughter here) we’re going to assume they’re true.

And on that basis, we’ll once again make a heartfelt plea to those who work at The Australian and Sky News Australia: call yourselves whatever you want but please, please, don’t call yourselves journalists. It’s an insult to those who spent their working lives in the craft trying to honour its core principles.


The MGH was quite intrigued by recent comments on Twitter by Mark Kenny in response to a newspaper article by the lowly Member for New England, the former overpaid drought envoy Barnaby Joyce.

A professor in the Australian Studies Institute at the Australian National University and before that the national affairs editor for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Kenny railed against the Beetrooter with these cutting remarks: Really? You’re going with the vision argument? After nearly a decade of scandals and culture wars, of divide and dither?

The MGH doesn’t have the time or money to do such deep research but we’d be keen to see how often Kenny over the past decade clearly saw all these many faults of the Abbott/Turnbull and Morrison governments and used his status as one of the country’s leading politics scribes and astute commentators to denounce them forcefully and repeatedly over that time.

Maybe that research exercise would be a good one for Mark’s university students to undertake?