The ‘gaffe’ that kept on giving…

… the MSM a hard-on or a big wet wide!

For the first time, The Bug‘s tweets of the week have been divided into two sections and today we’ll concentrate on just the one issue: Anthony Albanese’s supposed gaffe that had many in the mainstream mediocre claiming Labor had lost the election because their leader had a brain fade and couldn’t sprout a meaningless, made-up jobless rate.

Our Tweet of the Week judges couldn’t go past the cartoon provided by insiders ink @insidersink (at top and below) that perfectly summed up that arrant MSM nonsense: that a “gaffe” on the first real day of campaigning loses an election, with voters from then on totally ignoring the past three years of corrupt, incompetent government under a mendacious, faux-marketing moron.

Hon. Dumb Blonde @thetopjob blended Albanese’s “gaffe” with an issue that dogged Smoko Morrison later in that first week. In fact, there were a lot of things that dogged Smoko towards the end of that week but our horribly biased MSM showed little or no interest in those issues.

wen chrisberg @chrisberg saw the MSM for what it sadly is… or mostly is: the LNP’s public relations outfit.

Kerri Sackville @KerriSackville perhaps showed her political colours with her offering, not that there’s anything wrong with that…

And we’ll finish this first half of Tweets of the Week with this fine observation from A U S @lnpcriminals

… with just one simple observation: is lnpcriminals a tautology?

TOMORROW: The Australian Financial Review, Phillip Coooey and an ABC “journalist” make complete fools of themselves, plus a lot of other general issues and a wonderfully short but devastating pisstake of the Member for Manila.