PM orders Warne message leak probe

SYDNEY: A furious Prime Minister had ordered an immediate internal inquiry into how highly personal direct-mail exchanges on Twitter between him and the late cricket legend Shane Warne have made their way into the public domain.

Australia’s No1 family netzine The Bug has no qualms in admitting the recent DMs between Scott Morrison and Warne over several days lobbed into its inbox overnight from a highly reliable source and is now publishing them “in the public interest”.

The Bug understands that staff in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet have never seen Morrison so angry as he addressed senior people in his Canberra inner-sanctum via video link from Kirribilli House in Sydney where he is in COVID-19 isolation.

One told The Bug on the promise of complete anonymity: “The PM’s fists were clenched and he was swearing freely as he shouted those exchanges with ‘my long-term and dearest best mate’ were highly personal and should never have been leaked.”

The Bug understands that the PM has ordered his department secretary Philip Gaetjens to “undertake a real investigation this time and get to the truth of this matter asap”.

The Bug now publishes some of the leaked conversations and, as an organisation mindful of journalism’s strict and powerful code of conduct, its commitment to professional conduct at all times and its respect for privacy issues, we do so for no other reason than to show the amazing personal friendship the two men enjoyed over such a long time and the deep-seated admiration each had for the other.