Anyone else got the ships?

This little beauty, below, was in the SMH earlier this week and was spotted by a good friend of The Bug‘s Media Glass House, the highly respected newspaper columnist but now retired wine taster, bon vivant and power walker Terry Sweetman.

As Terry put it on a Twitter post: Seriously, do journalists know shit from clay? This from the SMH. A gunship?

Anyone without the military-service background of Terry’s – or the supposed general knowledge of your average mainstream media writer and/or sub-editor, for that matter – can quickly agree with his angry sentiments by simply looking up the meaning of “gunship” and HMAS Adelaide’s vessel classification.

Anyone else got the feeling Terry’s not too impressed with the way his beloved craft is performing at the moment?

AT TOP: A file photo of HMAS Adelaide during a recent exercise.


The Media Glass House was a tad critical of the Resolve Political Monitor poll The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age ran on Tuesday morning.

So we thought it only fair that we send a belated bouquet to The Sun-Herald journos in particular for the front-page coverage they gave to a separate poll that paper had conducted earlier.

We believe many, many Australians would fully support the sentiments expressed by that paper’s treatment of their splash on Sunday. (below).


Was anyone else out there momentarily concerned for the well-being of Novak Djokovic after he was deported on “the red-eye from Melbourne” on Sunday night?

“..the red-eye from Melbourne” was reporter Reid Butler’s description on Channel 9’s 6pm news on Monday for the Emirates flight from Tullamarine that the world No.1 men’s tennis player was bundled onto after the Federal Court revoked his visa and booted him out of the country on the eve of the Australian Open.

To be fair to Butler – and we at the MGH always are with all members of the mainstream mediocre – he did say Djokovic arrived in Dubai “fresh”.

And if Novax and cohort didn’t, we think the tennis champ and his entourage should have very angry words with the airline.

As Butler quickly pointed out after his “red-eye” comment, they had turned left at the aircraft door and had travelled in comfort at the plane’s “pointy end” and the images shown suggested business class at the very least. (below). First-class even? The MGH can’t be sure because we’ve never seen either and never will.

As Djokovic and his team left the flight in Dubai, let’s also hope for their sakes that discreet curtains or a strategically placed bulkhead ensured they didn’t have to endure the sight of all those red eyes staring at them from down in cattle class as they made their privileged, priority exits.