Trump takes to the big screen

A new movie produced by and starring former US President Donald Trump about the deadly invasion of the US Capitol last year will premiere on the event’s first anniversary.

Those behind the production tell me the new film’s script was also written by Trump himself who wants to tell “the truth” about the riot that threatened to derail certification of the election of Joe Biden at America’s 46th President.

“The President wants people to be told the facts and not to continue relying on fake news outlets who’ve delivered nothing but lies about the events of 6 January,” a source close to the production told me on condition of QAnonimity.

“Just to be clear, by ‘President’ of course I mean President Trump, who is actually still the rightful leader of our nation. I don’t mean the imposter who stole the White House in November 2020.”

Having seen snippets of the new film I can exclusively reveal that Trump has based his script on the old Frank Capra gem Mister Smith Goes to Washington and has even insisted on it being shot in black and white, apparently to add authenticity as well as to save costs.

But, Trump being Trump, filmgoers should not expect a frame-by-frame remake of Capra’s landmark 1939 movie starring Jimmy Stewart about a naive and idealistic young man who finds himself in the US Senate fighting corruption.

Instead, Trump’s script puts himself in the Jimmy Stewart role but his movie tells the story of a visionary US President trying to make the world safe for his family businesses but whose plans are stymied by a massive operation involving voter fraud that costs him a second term.

Trump does not spare those whom he believes worked against him. For example he has written in a role for his Vice-President Mike Pence, but the script has Trump and others constantly referring to “Vice-President Shithead” with the actor playing Pence – believed to be one of Trump’s adult sons – wearing appropriate prosthetic make-up. (main picture)

The “invasion” scenes were shot, I am told, at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida doubling for the Capitol building.

They show hundreds of well-behaved US citizens, some wearing animal skins and animal-horn hats, forming orderly queues to seek entrance to the public galleries of the US Senate to watch the vote certification process, but who are infiltrated by radical left-wing agitators wearing Joe Biden shirts and campaign buttons who begin attacking the building and those seeking to protect it.

Mister Trump Goes to Washington but is Foiled by the Fake Media and Sleepy Joe’s Vote Rigging Army opens in theatres across the US on 6 January.