Another not-so-free plug

Our Media Glass House research teams have in the past had regular digs at News Crap Australia turdbloids for running stories that are little more than a free in-house plug for content available (usually at a price) in other parts of the Murdoch empire.

Today they’re at it again with “news” stories – or maybe that should be News stories – about the new series And Just Like That, the updated version of Sex and the City that was apparently quite popular back in the 1990s and early 2000s. (pictured)

Unlike the original series, the new one is not available on free-to-air TV. If you want to watch you must pay.

To be specific you must pay the online streaming service Binge which is – you guessed it – part of the Murdoch empire.

Our MGH teams have complained previously about the lack of disclosure of such links in stories that are blatant promotions for News Crap Australia’s commercial interests.

Today’s stories do little to settle our concerns. If anything they are worse because they all end with a bold-faced line advising readers when Binge screens the show.

Does Rupert think that passes for disclosure?


Speaking about free plugs, we can’t help think there is a smell of desperation about the volume of freebie plugs News Crap Australia fishwrappers are giving to Rupert’s recently launched Flash news aggregation service.

Today’s edition of The Australian runs several ads for Flash telling readers they can read the national broadshit on the service if only they’d cough up the cash to subscribe.

What caught our eye was the ad in which News Crap Australia designers employed an image of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews to help convince readers to part with their hard earned. (pictured)

The same Dan Andrews who is constantly demonised and presented as a negative force day after day after day in The Oz and elsewhere in the News Crap Australia universe.

Maybe Dan is not such a negative after all? Or does his very image anger Oz readers enough for them to write a cheque to Rupert?


Speaking more about more free plugs, today a story ran in some aforementioned News Crap Australia turdbloids about the sale of hot-cross buns by the big two national supermarket chains immediately after Christmas. (pictured)

It’s become quite the sport to guess how soon the Easter treats make it to the shelves once the tinsel and fake trees are packed away.

It would make for a genuine news story to find out from retailers their rationale for selling the buns so far out from Easter. The answer, we know, would be to make money of course.

But does News Crap Australia take that route? No, of course not.

It resorts to a cheap plug for one of its biggest advertisers, Woolworths, by trumpeting the retailer’s new chocolate flavoured hot-cross buns.

Like all good ads aimed at selling a product, the “news” stories even go so far as to tell readers they will be “exclusively available for a limited time”.

It’s good to see some things never change. Like the low standards applied by News Crap Australia.