A positive festive message

Our Media Glass House research teams often cop flak for never saying anything positive about News Crap Australia.

So, in the spirit of the festive season, they want to take this opportunity to say Rupert Murdoch’s outlets remain positively biased towards the man who is positively the worst prime minister in the nation’s recent history, Scott Morrison, and the positively, openly and proudly corrupt government he leads.

There. We hope that answers our MGH critics.

What’s that? Proof? You want proof?

Well, let’s just look at the spread of Christmas messages published in some of Rupert’s turdbloids today.

Alongside the Christmas musings of senior church leaders are the PM’s thoughts. (pictured)

The Melbourne turdbloid the Herald Sun even turned his message into a news story – at right above – with a lead paragraph telling readers (voters) that the PM was offering “a message of hope and optimism to Australians”. The unstated but unmistakable impression is that the alternative PM, Anthony Albanese, isn’t.

Speaking of Albo, where is the festive message from the Labor Party leader?

The Daily Tele ran one from the NSW opposition leader, but not the federal leader facing an election soon.

When will Albo’s message appear? As always, you know the answer.


But wait! News Crap turdbloids did run a story about Albo today.

It was based on federal Health Minister Greg Hunt’s attack on the opposition leader for some comments on the vaccine rollout. (pictured)

It was a strongly worded attack, saying Albo is just not fit to be PM.

Boy, we bet Mr Albanese would be ropeable and would no doubt have some equally strong words to say in his defence.

But those words do not appear anywhere in today’s stories.

Once again, we know you know when Albo’s defence will be run.


Readers of some News Crap Australia turdbloids today may have notice some big picture stories about former Channel 9 sports presenter Erin Molan.

The stories are all about the challenges she faced during the year. (pictured)

Our MGH researchers feel that some who read the stories may wonder whether the challenges Ms Molan speaks about justify the big spread Rupert’s turdbloids have given her.

But as always that’s not the point of publishing them.

The point is explained at the end of the yarns which refer to Ms Molan’s new gig with Sky News (a News Crap Australia-related entity) and her upcoming debut as a News Crap Australia columnist.

The Daily Telegraph went a tad overboard and plugged the story on its front page, labelling it as an “exclusive”. Yes, an exclusive with one of its own. (pictured)

So, another big and free plug by News Crap Australia masquerading as “news” –  and in a prime space on page 3 in the Daily Telegraph too.

That position is usually reserved for real news in quality newspapers.

Oh! We see the mistake we’ve made right there. So do you, as always.