Can you spot them too?

It’s rather spooky, isn’t it? The similarities, I mean, between the two characters shown above.

Oh, I’m not talking physical looks here, although I suppose an argument could be mounted for that.

I’m talking personal characteristics.

Like somehow bluffing their way into jobs each is totally unsuited for and totally incapable of doing well.

Both then blundering while attempting such jobs that lead to them getting fired.

Weak, spineless, men of temptations. 

Prone to occasional periods of totally unwarranted overconfidence.

Self-opinionated. Vain. Bullying. Cowardly. Miserly.

Will lie freely to get perceived tiny advantages in relationships.

In fact, both share a basic philosophy: “It’s not a lie if you believe it!” 

Stocky, slow-witted, (now) both bald men.

But worst of all – and this is a very sad, final summing up of who they are – chronic bullshit artists both.

Don Gordon-Brown