Free plugs, just like that

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – and we admit that in this pandemic era that’s quite possible – you will know that the 1990s US TV series Sex and the City has been “rebooted”, as they say.

The basic premise of the original show was to follow the adventures and dating lives of four young, well youngish, women as they lived the high life in New York.

Almost two decades later the new series called And Just Like That picks up on the lives of the now older women, or at least the three characters portrayed by those actors who signed up for the reboot.

You will no doubt be aware of the new show because of all the stories that have appeared in the media about it, especially in News Crap Australia hard-copy turdbloids (pictured) and online outlets.

While the original show screened on a free-to-air channel, this time around keen fans will need to be a subscriber to a particular streaming service to watch it.

What streaming service? That’d be Binge, owned and operated by News Crap Australia. (pictured)

Our Media Glass House researchers say they have not bothered to check if all the recent stories in News Crap Australia outlets plugging the new show have been accompanied by a disclosure about the corporate connection.

They say such a check is not necessary because they already know what they’ll find. We’re guessing you know too.


The blatantly commercially motivated campaign by News Crap Australia against our national, publicly owned broadcaster the ABC continues.

The most recent evidence of the ongoing vendetta appears in today’s national broadshit The Australian which reports a “dramatic slide” in the rating of some ABC Sydney radio shows. (pictured)

Our MGH staff noticed that the “dramatic slide” included a fall in audience share of 3.4 points for ABC Sydney’s morning show.

Yet the same story said matter of factly that the morning show hosted by Neil Mitchell on the Melbourne commercial station 3AW dropped 3.4 points.

Be prepared for more and more anti-ABC yarns as the federal election approaches – a poll our MGH staff are convinced will be make or break for Aunty’s future.


Our MGH staff are not sure if the advertisement we mention here falls into the Russel Howcroft “brilliant, just brilliant!” category, or if it’s a waste of money.

Remember Corey Worthinghton? He was a Melbourne teenager way back in 2008 when he held a party at his parent’s house while they were away.

The big bash ran out of control, lots of uninvited party animals turned up, loud noises and various shenanigans happened, neighbours were shocked, police were called, and the host had to explain the whole shebang to the authorities, and by that we mean A Current Affair. (pictured)

To give you some idea of how long ago it all happened, Corey’s big mistake was his decision to advertise the party on his My Space page which opened it up to dozens of gatecrashers. You should maybe use a search engine to find out what My Space is, or once was.

But spin forward to today and a full-page ad in the Gold Coast Bulletin touting some sort of landlord insurance. (pictured)

The poster boy for the product is none other than Mr Worthington who appears in his trademark yellow-rimmed sunnies.

One thing is for sure, the ad has worked if it makes people talk about it, which we’ve just done.  

Hang on, is that Russel’s voice we can hear?