UAP MP held by police


Independent federal MP Craig Kelly is in Federal Police custody this morning after being arrested in a dramatic home invasion overnight at The Lodge in Canberra.

Mr Kelly, the former Liberal Member for Hughes in NSW and now leader and sole MP of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, was detained by Federal Police (main picture) after he entered the grounds of the Prime Minister’s official residence and then broke into the house itself.

A Federal Police spokesperson said Prime Minister Scott Morrison was not at home at the time but his wife Jenny and their two daughters were.

“Mrs Morrison and the girls were badly shaken by the experience,” an AFP spokesperson said.

“Mr Kelly arrived at the front gate of The Lodge at around 10pm last night sitting in the back seat of a chauffeured Commonwealth car where AFP officers on duty recognised him but also tried to turn him away.

“Mr Kelly responded by demanding entry and waving a full page UAP newspaper advertisement declaring him to be Australia’s next prime minister. (pictured)

“Our officers kept their cool as Mr Kelly became more and more strident but they finally threatened him with arrest if he disobeyed their order to leave.

“It seems Mr Kelly left the front gate area but ordered his driver to park the Commonwealth car – which incidentally carried home-made C-1 rego plates – on the footpath around the corner and he then climbed on its roof and was able to clear the fence and land in The Lodge’s back garden.

“Security footage shows Mr Kelly then approached the main entry to The Lodge and after finding the front door locked he scaled a drainpipe and entered through an open upstairs window.

“By this time AFP officers monitoring the security cameras had mobilised and a dozen of them were soon on the scene and detained him after they found him using a tape measure and stepping out distances in rooms on the upper floor and jotting down their dimensions.

“Mrs Morrison and her daughters were woken by the noise of the heavily armed AFP officers storming the house and although they were not hurt they were alarmed by the events.

“Mr Kelly has been interviewed overnight and is likely to be charged this morning and face court later today.

“He has put in a call to Clive Palmer – several calls in fact – to ask him to provide a lawyer but Mr Palmer so far hasn’t responded,” the AFP spokesperson said.