Standup comic is prue delight

We don’t know much about this week’s winner of The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week other than than the fact that Prue MacSween @macsween_prue is apparently an up-and-coming standup comedienne from one of the southern capitals.

She’s apparently piss-in-your-pants funny as you can all see from her winning tweet.

We’re told that one of her stage routines is to dress up as Peter Dutton in an Aussie digger’s uniform who then pretends to use his rifle bayonet to repeatedly stab an onstage sidekick dressed as a private in the Chinese army, shouting “how’s this for a taste of Aussie steel, you slant-eyed yellow Commie bastard!”

We’re also told Prue is best seen live, so we’ll certainly be sharing her upcoming standup dates, venues and times as soon as possible!

After Scott Morrison retires! What a hoot, eh?

Grabbing the attention of a lot of Twitterers this past week has been the Prime Minister’s faux-campaign swing through Victoria that was awash with fresh photo opps and some talk about electric cars that reaffirmed what a damned fine liar Smoko is, despite his telling a radio audience he had never ever lied in public office.

Probably the most pointed, political offering came from Mark Langham @MarkLangham2

But there were plenty others a little more lighthearted, like this self-effacing comment from Bonwyn Clark @BronwynHill1

And a rather disturbing thought from Eddy Jokovich that conjured up a lot of very unpleasant imagery, including a response from us here at The Bug: “We’re gonna need a bigger colonscope.”

Okay, we don’t normally give famous names a go in this weekly award presentation but here’s to Deb Spillane @DebSpillane

And a sobering reminder of the state of modern Australian politics from Riff Raff @richardAOB

And game, set and match from Hon. Dumb Blonde @thetopjob

And, finally, apropos of nothing, we finish with this offering from Ray Wilton @raywilton4 who sums up nicely something we all know about bullies; that they are also invariably cowards.