Albo slips in some practice

SYDNEY: Speculation of an early federal poll – and the series of prime ministerial debates that go with that – is rife after Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese was pictured in his electorate office in his inner-city seat of Grayndler yesterday practising juggling live eels.


BRISBANE: Sportsbet has defended its decision to continue to offer odds on a December federal poll that’s now got about as much chance of happening as Scott Morrison has of delivering a speech without mangling at least a half-dozen words.

“There’s a mug punter born every minute,” a spokesperson for the online betting outfit told The Bug after Sportsbet this morning offered 151-1 on a December election, well out from the 101-1 on offer the night before.

When The Bug suggested that while a December poll was still theoretically possible under the Constitution, it would have to be held on December 18 and Prime Minister Scott Morrison would have to be even dumber than he comes across if he thinks he could pull that one off, the spokesperson simply repeated what he had said before: “There’s a mug punter born every minute. Would anyone not expect us to take advantage of that?”


MELBOURNE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lashed out at criticism that his wearing of an Australian-flag face mask at Bert Newton’s state funeral yesterday had “politicised” the solemn event.

“I was not at that funeral. The Labor Party is lying to say I was.

“And even if I was there, it wasn’t me.”