Brisbane man’s naked ambition


A Brisbane man says the current coronavirus pandemic is the ideal time for the Queensland Government to pass new laws legalising public nudity.

Mervyn de Prave said mask mandates associated with pandemic restrictions meant more people could take advantage of any new laws which should be passed as soon as possible.

“Now is the time to for the government to take action because each summer in Queensland we endure very hot conditions. Sometimes it’s like living in a sauna,” Mr de Prave said.

“I’m sure many people, like me, would prefer to go nude whenever they can.

“In fact I regularly wear the bare legal minimum when I go shopping in the Queen Street Mall just to draw attention to my cause.” (main picture)

Mr de Prave said many people felt embarrassed or shamed to be nude in public.

“But the fact we are being required or encouraged to wear face masks to protect against the COVID-19 virus means now is an ideal time to legalise it,” he said.

“I’m sure more people would embrace public nudity if they thought their identity could be protected.”

Mr de Prave said he had been campaigning for decades for “the basic human right” to go naked in public.

“It’s fine to be a home nudist where nobody sees you except the odd neighbour peeking over the fence, the electricity meter reader, or an occasional delivery person.

“But once I leave my house I’m supposed to wear clothes and I believe that’s an infringement of my rights.

“I have been writing to successive governments and various politicians for years about this issue.

“The only one who has given a positive response so far is Clive Palmer who wrote back saying he backed my argument about personal freedom and he was going to include my idea as one of his policies for the coming federal election.

“I was looking forward to the launch of that policy which Mr Palmer had promised will include me, himself, and his federal leader Craig Kelly.

“But yesterday I received a letter from Mr Palmer’s United Australia Party saying he was pulling his support because he didn’t back mask mandates. Very disappointing,” Mr de Prave said.