Murdoch shows his true colours

As if we all didn’t know already, the true extent of Newscorpse’s stunning about-face on climate change and its new “Green-is-Gold, We-Must-Act-NOW! mantra has been brutally exposed.

And by none other than The Courier-Mail, published out of the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch.

Even while Smoko Morrison was still cobbling together his deep-Liberal-blue booklet, The Plan to Deliver Net Zero The Australian Way backed up by a 15-page PowerPoint presentation and as he was busily reworking some fancy catchphrases to hide the fact that he was really doing fuck-all about climate change, The Courier-Mail already had the message down pat.

Probably without the slightest idea as to precisely what the government had cobbled together after a damaging week of Coalition wrangling, The Courier-Mail knew it was going to be very, very right!

“…historic 2050 deal,” the jockey line on the paper’s splash thundered. “…Morrison promises to protect long-term future of regional Queenslanders.”

Crikey, that sounded like an LNP media release, didn’t it? Hey, hang on …it probably was!

That jockey line could just has easily read: “You must vote LNP at the next federal election!”

For it was clear that whatever Morrison had come up with, the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch …. sorry, The Courier-Mail … had decided it was much like Queensland itself on the second day.


Perfect for fixing the climate.

Perfect for the people of Queensland.

Perfect for protecting their jobs, especially in coal mining.

And the most important of all, the perfect pitch to keep a handful of Queensland marginals in government hands at the looming federal poll.

And if any of you Buggers out there think that Newscorpse won’t be satisfied with Smoko’s handling of this pressing world issue The Australian Way, and will swing its support fully behind Labor if indeed that party is stupid enough to go harder on climate change with some 2030 ambitions, then you’re perfect too.

A perfect candidate for the loony bin.

Gutter journalism revisited

The MGH declared some time ago that it was giving up on its campaign to have the journos who throw The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald together try to at least show some pride in how their products look.

We’ve taken swipes aplenty at them for how they write headings that run across the gutter – and the layout people at both mastheads love using them – and they have stubbornly refused to take our criticisms on board.

They have this penchant for basically splitting the heading they think up roughly in half, setting the left half flush left and the right half flush right. Our fresh example from last weekend’s Sun-Herald (pages 12 and 13, above) is a pretty good example.

We have no idea what shitty software these poor subs might be forced to use and what they can see on screen but shirley someone who cares for the craft could have shifted “as” over to Page 12 and then set the right half of the heading more to the left.

When you look at the general layout for both the SMH and its Sunday sister, it’s not as if their sub-editors are offended by a little (or a lot) of white space left here and there. So why not at the right of that heading?

Or they could, if they were real old-school, spend just a little bit of time to fill out the right half of the heading.

Hmm? Emotions, exhaustion as ……… more school classes return

Something like that, anyway. It’s not rocket surgery.


Finally, let’s all just enjoy this for what it is.

As #Newspoll continues to show the public drifting away from Smoko Morrison, it’s always a joy to watch how the national broadshit The Australian mimics the drowning man, clutching at pathetic straws.