The push is on to warm up

There’s a lot of warming and pushing going on right now in the mainstream media.

Let’s look at the warming first. Warming to the notion of a net zero emissions target by 2050, according to the MSM political commentariat, is Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

It’s easy to know Joyce is warming; you’ve just got to take a look at him. He gets warmer and warmer as each day unfolds.

But after his appearance on Insiders on Sunday, the media across the commercial and public broadcasting divide took in his comments and decided, yes, the Member for New England is warming to the idea of that 2050 target, no matter how out of date that goal might already be if we want to save our planet.

The only problem The Bug‘s Media Glass House sees is an ongoing one: are there two Barnaby Joyces out there and are we at The Bug and the MSM listening to and watching entirely different versions?

It’s true that Joyce began on Sunday with the hint that he’s not opposed to the 2050 net zero emissions target – he’s said it before – but just about everything he then said showed he was totally opposed to it. In other words, he’s sticking fast to the arguments that helped him knock off Michael What-was-his-name-again?

Here’s our summary of what our version of Joyce said: Coal prices are very high and as long as anyone overseas wants to keep buying it, Australia should keep digging coal up and flogging it overseas. I won’t be supporting any climate change target that affects the jobs of coalminers or anyone in the agriculture sector or anyone who lives or works or runs businesses in our country towns and villages. If just one job is lost, we’ll be in more trouble than the early settlers. And anyone wanting a net zero emissions target any time soon should prepare themselves for a massive drop in living standards and government services.

Did we miss anything there?

The other Sliding Doors situation in current Australian politics is the two different Prime Ministers we apparently have fronting microphones or releasing statements at present.

The PM the mainstream media is listening to is “pushing” towards that 2050 net emissions target. Yet the one the MGH is hearing is the same ol’, same ol’ PM who’s keen on getting to a zero target sometime, somehow, somewhere and preferably by 2050. Same wishy-washy weasel words that have brought Peter Hartcher close to climax more than once.

MSM politics experts are seeing positive moves from their version of Morrison; The Bug‘s MGH is watching and listening to someone who’s only keen to have a plan in place that might lead to a plan that could be announced, preferably before he decides whether or not he goes to Glasgow in November. And that plan clearly is for Morrison to sit back on his lardarse between corny photo shoots come the next election while that same MSM once again savages Labor and demands relentlessly to know the cost of net zero emissions.

That was a crucial part of the template for his 2019 win and Morrison is hell-bent once again on using every disgraceful, unethical, dishonest, sneaky, personally abusive and tricky piece of that template that he possibly can. You need all those things even when you’re a master marketer and brilliant campaigner in your own right.