Murdoch’s hatred of workers on show

It’s always been a hotly debated topic: out of all the Newscorpse (aka NewsCrap) print-media publications around Oz, which one is the worst for right-wing fucknucklery?

The Australian broadshit? Never disappoints with its complete lack of ethical standards.

The Courier-Mail turdbloid/conpact pumped out by the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch? It would have to be right up there for the overall honour, even if the judges only took into account its deplorable, disgraceful, sickening coverage of the last three Queensland state elections alone.

The Daily Torygraph in Sydney? Is a three-way dead heat looming for the greatest insult to the craft of journalism.

Or four? The Hun-Herald, seemingly determined to turn Victoria from the jewel in the Liberal crown to the dross of federal poll outcomes, is far-right up there.

The Torygraph’s edition on Thursday (cover at top) would surely take some beating, especially the way it is “performing” at the moment outside any real election cycle.

Its defence of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s handling of the pandemic, its scorn at the way Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is handling anything and its rabid support for PM Morrison’s latest iteration of himself, Freedom Man!, as a federal election looms has been truly vomitous.

But that edition of the Torygraph is a wonderful example of why that masthead is in contention for the blue riband of right-wing shittery, dropping great plops of putrid poo as often as it can all over the basic principles of journalism.

Poor old Melbourne gets a little shaken up by a midrange earthquake and, just under 900km north-east away in Sydney, in Holt Street to be exact, the wizards that run the Torygraph came up with the front cover at top.

Let’s forget the poor artist who was directed to throw that cover together. They can live with themselves and at least they’ve still got a pay packet.

Think more about the senior editors wetting themselves at the chance to have yet another dig at Victoria. You can almost hear their discussion about whether the splash should have been FALLING TO PIECES UNDER LABOR.

You could certainly sense James Morrow’s hope that such a concept would show itself in his accompanying story. Yes, that James Morrow. He wrote that political tome: Abbott or McMahon: Australia’s greatest-ever statesman?

But the little touch we spotted that so beautifully sums up this right-wing-suckjob of a newspaper is the little black-on-yellow panel, CFMEU RIOTS.

Never letting the facts get in the way of a simmering hatred of unions, especially one that’s on the nose a bit despite its fine efforts to keep members safe on construction sites under shameful, anti-worker, punitive laws designed to prevent the union from doing that job while trying to fine it out of existence in the process, the paper has branded the disgraceful mob that reportedly pissed on the Shrine of Remembrance as a CFMEU event.

What is it about Tories – in the media or in Parliaments – and their absolute opposition to organisations that represent Australia’s workers; that they’ll happily push what any reasonable person who has been watching the riots unfold in the Victorian capital over recent days would know to be an absolute lie.

The Bug has stated many times over: if you hate unions, you hate workers. And that includes the Dirty Digger, his brown-nosing Newscorpse editors and just about everyone in this dreadful drongo-line of Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments.

And should we bother even mentioning that the union is now the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union – the CFMMEU?

Never let the facts ruin…hey, you know the rest.


So, it’s finally been confirmed by the very organisation that employs him.
Channel 9 news the other night admitted its federal political editor Chris Uhlmann is a dreadful Tory.

And finally, here’s one from the “it must have been a really slow news day” file.

Channel 9 News in Brisbane last night led with CAFE CHAOS, about a car ploughing into a coffee shop on the Gold Coast.

Sure, there is some news value in some poor old bugger hitting the wrong pedal and saving customers from having to drink Starbucks coffee but, really, the lead? Some people were injured but there was no evidence of a real bleed to justify well over two minutes at the start of the bulletin.