Tweets expose Christian values

Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit, as the father of one of The Bug’s senior writers used to tell him repeatedly when he was being sarcastic as a child, but it’s also very effective at times.

So mix in a big dollop of sarcasm into our love of short, sharp, punchy tweets that get to the heart of a matter in an instant and is it any wonder this contribution from David Bleakey @DavidBleakley is our Tweet of the Week?

David’s offering lobbed just as our entry deadline loomed late yesterday.

How do you feel, Anus? Ouch! Make that a double ouch! It’s at least a 8.8 on the Shorten zinger scale.

A tweet that is funny, yet also so, so, sad in a way given there are a few other names among Morrison’s ministry of mediocre, muddling misfits that David could easily have used instead.

Another tweet dripping in sarcasm is this one for Mark Langham @Mark
Langham2 who went back a little time in history to explain why Porter is who he is today: a washed-up backbencher with fuck-all credibility and a political future worse than Mal Meninga’s. Well, done Mark.

Nick Feik @NicFeik then joined in the saracsm pile-on with this nice little jibe at the man Scott Morrison turns to if he wants nothing done in as long a time as possible, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Phil “I see nuthin’!” Gaetjens.

The other big news of the week was the announcement last Thursday by the Best Wartime Leader this Country Might Soon Have that Oz will get eight shiny new nuclear-powered submarines sometime this century. Maybe.

So we sing the praises of Bronwyn Clark @BronwynHill who rushed to her keyboard the moment she heard the most vomitous phrase that came out of Smoko’s AUKUS announcement.

And reflecting on what the French thought of us after we ditched their $90 billion sub-building contract where they would have taken the nuclear reactors out of some of their nuclear-powered subs and put in diesel electric motors at great expense because that’s what Australia wanted was Jommy Tee – electric Hilux owner @jommy_tee who channelled Monty Python to give us his take on the issue.

So there you have it, Buggers.

Some wonderful tweets from the past week, dedicated to the decency and professionalism of two of the finest politicians this country has ever been blessed with – Christian “I did nothing wrong but I’m too greedy a cunt to save my brilliant ministerial career by sending back the money put into that blind trust” Taylor and Scott “Sure, I broke bread with Macron earlier this year and kept him totally in the dark that he was losing that submarine contract but, believe me, I did try to ring him with the bad news the night before AUKUS was announced because that’s the sort of guy I am!” Morrison.