Call for more lockdown warning


A Brisbane man is calling on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to give Queenslanders more notice of future COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Cyril Snerd, plumber of Boondall, said he believed more time was needed for people to get ready to go into lockdown by stocking up on essential items.

“Previous lockdowns have usually been announced by the Premier at a morning news conference to take effect from 4pm the same day,” Mr Snerd said.

“That’s fine for some people, but once a lockdown is announced I have to spend at least four hours on my Twitter and Facebook pages complaining.

“Then I have to answer, or more correctly abuse, all the idiots who dare to express a contrary view to mine.

“By the time I finish and head to the shops to stock up for the lockdown, the place is in chaos with big queues, car parks jammed, and almost nothing on the shelves.

“I think the Premier should be more considerate and factor in the time everyone needs to rant on social media so I suggest she announces any lockdown at 10am but then not have it take effect until maybe 10pm or even midnight that evening.

“That would give all of us plenty of time to discharge our social media obligations before going shopping.”

Mr Snerd said at the time of the last lockdown he spent several hours on his social media accounts but missed out being able to buy necessities when he finally arrived at his local supermarket.

“Look, everyone wants to know my view on lockdowns and pretty much every other issue, so I need to spend time telling everyone else what I think and telling everyone else what they should be doing or thinking, plus abusing and threatening anyone who disagrees,” he said.

“That’s what social media is for. But the last time we had a lockdown I got to Woollies and there was not a single packet of toilet rolls on the shelf.

“So for the duration of that lockdown the missus and I were forced to wipe our arses on our bed sheets and pillow cases. We were even forced to drag our coits along the bedroom carpet just to maintain household hygiene standards.  (main picture)

“If we had been given a few more hours to shop we might have managed to snare at least one or two rolls of Sorbent or Kleenex dunny paper,” he said.