Aunty Pauline supports Aunty


An Australian Broadcasting Corporation initiative to promote the traditional Aboriginal lands from which programs are broadcast has the full support of the nation’s white indigenous leader.

Aunty Pauline Hanson (pictured above) of the One Nation people said it was vital for Australians to understand and appreciate “how this nation came to be the way it is”.

“It’s so important that we all recognise the amazing contribution the First and One Nation indigenous peoples have made to making Australia what it is today.

“It’s a time for both black and white indigenous Australians to embrace and rejoice.

“I first noticed this excellent ABC concept while watching News Breakfast on the tele the other day with co-hosts Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar right from the outset at 6am acknowledging the Wurundjeri peoples of Melbourne.

“Without this fantastic initiative, there’s no way I’d now know that the Wurundjeri are an Aboriginal Australian nation of the Woiwurrung language group, in the Kulin nation. They occupied the Birrarung (Yarra River) Valley before British settlement of the area, around the present location of Melbourne, and were called the Yarra tribe by the settlers.”

Aunty Pauline said it got her to thinking of her own tribal ancestors, the Bodgieandwidgery tribe that lived around the Ipswich area of south-east Queensland and who caught and traded fish and chips to “the white non-indigenous invaders”.

“And lately, of course, the Hanson One Nation people of the Lockyer Valley that is really my spiritual home.

“Inspired by the ABC initiative, I’ve asked the Gatton Star to publish on its onside front page an acknowledgement that the paper has been printed and published on traditional Hanson One Nation white indigenous tribal land.”

A proud Aunty Pauline said this would go a long way to making all Australians appreciate the roles the First Nation but particularly One Nation have played in giving us the type of federal government we have today.

“The Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments of the past eight years have always been our preference,” Auntie Pauline said. “They’ve always had my tribe’s interests at heart.”