Mayor says pandemic is a plus


A local authority in the UK has sparked controversy by declaring it hopes the coronavirus pandemic continues indefinitely.

Mayor of the Midsomer County Council, Kerrick Terracter, (main picture) said the pandemic and associated lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the UK government had brought unexpected benefits to the region.

“People may find this a bit odd, but I must say the impact of the pandemic has been on balance very positive for Midsomer,” Mr Terracter said.

“Sure we’ve had dozens of our residents die from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

“But the overall death toll has dropped, especially from murders.

“Mysterious and often violent or bizarre killings have been much, much less prevalent than they were in the years before the pandemic began.

“Prior to that we were seeing at least one person a week murdered in one of our many picturesque villages, and sometimes more than one.

“The lockdowns put an end to that because murderers, like the rest of us, were forced to stay indoors and only drew attention to themselves if they emerged to stalk the darkened streets and laneways wearing heavy dark coats and running the risk of being seen in silhouette against a moonlit field, village green, or twee little thatched cottage or stately country house.

“Plus they had the added annoyance of having to wear a mask if they wanted to head out and knock someone off.

“On balance, I reckon the pandemic has actually saved a couple of hundred lives in Midsomer.

“So I really hope the pandemic goes on for a few more years. Maybe forever if we are lucky,” he said.