You know it makes census

The Bug has spent the last 32 years being rude and crude and occasionally scatological in a university undergraduate sort of way. Hey, it’s a format we’ve always been comfortable with so leave us alone, okay!

So it should come as no surprise then that the winner of its coveted Tweet of the Week award really should have been Barry Mulligan @BazzaCC who posted this blunt assessment on Sunday after watching a Smoko Morrison presser.

Well done, Barry. Moronson! And a nice covert nod, perhaps, to Engadine Maccas. Besides, we admire anybody who knows shit the moment they see and smell it.

Sewer rats of social mediocre, be inspired by Barry! Let’s unite and get even more vicious as we take out arguably the nation’s worst-ever prime minister.

Barry’s effort gets a double thumbs up as it also fits in nicely with The Bug’s view that the more personal and offensive are jibes at the (total lack of) character of our current PM the better.

Any prick who spent the last federal election campaign opening his gob and saying “Bill Shorten lies. He lies and he lies. That’s all he ever does” repeatedly deserves to have his own mendacious lardarse ripped to shreds on character grounds alone.

But for this week, Barry has been pipped at the post by another late entry from Declan Keyes-Bevan @deckeyesbevan who riffed cleverly on the upcoming Census.

Declan spotted some typos on the Census envelope and came up with a clever and cynical slapdown of arguably the most openly corrupt government this poor nation has even suffered under.

Well done, Declan, for a very topical and creative post.

Perhaps Declan’s pork-barreling jibe was inspired by another tweet on that subject earlier in the week from Catherine (Cate/Cat) Perry @CatPurry9

Cate/Cat’s post began with a complete lie from the Liar-in-Chief – do we ever expect anything else? – and then gave Smoko both pork-barrels for being a bloke always prepared to stoop as low as is inhumanly possible to keep his rotten back end deep in prime ministerial leather.

Also catching the ire of many in the Twitterverse this week was Barnaby Joyce’s drunken performance (is that a tautology?) in Parliament.

We thank the following for their offerings: the ever-astutely observant RonnieSalt, Angry Granny, who like Barry also knew shit when she saw it, and Daniel Bleakley.

For those who missed Barnaby’s beery buffoonery … aka Joyce’s juiced-up gibberish – here’s the transcript courtesy of @marquelawyers. The official Hansard version was very flattering to the Moron for New England, we’re told.