Veteran actor issues apologies

Former big-name Hollywood star Kevin Costner is attempting to reboot his flagging career by issuing a series of apologies which he hopes will help him avoid being “cancelled” by fans, producers, and casting agents.

Costner has not had a lead role in any huge box-office hit since the early 1990s when he starred in Dances With Wolves and The Bodyguard.

My Hollywood spies tell me he is fearful of the widespread reach of so-called “cancel culture” which can involve social media activists policing the political correctness of choices for the casting of movie characters.

To pre-empt any damage to his remaining career prospects the 66-year-old actor has begun to issue apologies for some of his previous roles and the characters he played.

Costner has begun his campaign by apologising for agreeing to take on the role of US federal agent and organised-crime fighter Eliot Ness in 1987’s hit The Untouchables.

“I recognise now that Eliot, also being a female name, could just have easily been played by a woman,” Costner said in a statement issued on social media.

“So I apologise for taking on a role and playing Eliot Ness as a man.”

Costner also said he was sorry for playing Alex in the 1983 film The Big Chill.

“Although ‘Alex’, as a corpse, had no lines and all of his scenes were edited out of the film’s final cut, I now realise that I should not have taken the role.

“Instead I should have insisted that the film’s producers use a real corpse because dead actors have every right to be considered along with those who may appear to be alive on screen.”

He said to assist dead actors he planned to start a new social media movement #deadlivesmatter.

Hollywood insiders tell me Costner also plans to apologise for his the lead role in 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when there were numerous UK actors with passable American accents.

He is also intent on apologising for 1995’s Waterworld which he starred in and helped to produce.

My spies say Costner will apologise for Waterworld, not for any discrimination in its casting of him but simply because it was a shit film.