Putting a comb over Morrison

The Twitterverse was filled with much mirth over the past week with rumours that while our part-time Prime Minister went missing for much of that time while in lockdown at Kirribilli House, he was in fact having hair plugs installed to improve his re-election chances at the next federal poll.

The Bug can reveal that a mobile Advanced Hair Studio van was indeed spotted going through the gates at the PM’s official Sydney residence last Monday and only left on Friday.

We can also reveal that during several afternoon sessions of having the plugs installed by one of AHS’s highly skilled hair transplant specialists, the PM did fall asleep for extended periods after knocking off his usual six-pack of Tooheys Extra Dry for lunch.

The result was a fuller head of hair than he had wanted (at top).

And with that background, our Tweet of the Week judges were chuffed with, and couldn’t go past, the following tweet from Andrew Horton – The devil made me do it @realandrewhorto

The judges just loved the Shorten-strength zinger at the end: Apparently he wants to hold a comb.

Other topics that bubbled along during the Twitterverse week, much to the chagrin of the Morrison government, were the latest pork-barreling scandal surrounding computer car parks and continuing mutterings that the government sooner or later missed the opportunity to grab large supplies of the effective Pfizer vaccine.

Our judges praised Solo Monk @JJKALE2 for this tweet that cleverly combined both.

Get your head around that! indeed!

And while The Bug usually only selects tweets from common sewer rats for mention in these weekly awards and eschews posts from well-known folk, we’ll make an exception for John Hewson who this past week took a similar line to Solo Monk.

Along with Bill Hayden, Kim Beazley and Bill Shorten, John Hewson would have made a fine prime minister.

They may not have been brilliant but they would have been competent, hard-working, decent and caring leaders, admired, even if begrudgingly, by Australians on the other side of the political divide.