Off to the Land of Nod!


Insomnia sufferers of Australia unite! The nation’s experts in the terrible affliction that affects at least 10 per cent of our population at any given time have come up with the perfect solution to their woes.

And it doesn’t require any medications with possible adverse side effects or lengthy and costly counselling sessions.

It’s just a simple little book available from your local GP (pictured above) that costs just $9.99 RRP.

Professor Olivia Sucks, head of psychiatry at Bond University on Queensland’s Gold Coast, praised the new book for “its amazing effectiveness”.

“I defy any insomniac to get past just a few of the essays in Let’s Sleep On it before slipping into at least eight hours of blissful, untroubled sleep,” Prof. Sucks said.

“So, please, keep a copy of this amazing little tome on your bedside table and turn your life around completely.”