Name change for News Corp dailies


News Corp Australia has announced a major revamp of its remaining hard-copy daily newspapers.

Company chief, Rupert Murdoch, said all of the company’s daily tabloids would soon change their names and he had appointed a new editorial executive to oversee the newspaper network.

“All mastheads will soon carry the name ‘Harvey Norman’ in recognition of that great Australian company’s contribution to openness, balance, and diversity within the Australian media landscape,” Mr Murdoch told reporters at a news conference at the company’s Surry Hills offices in Sydney.

“The new names will simply reflect and formalise the current editorial strategy being followed by News Corp papers,” Mr Murdoch said. (main picture)

“For example, in Sydney the Daily Telegraph will soon be known as the Daily Harvey Norman.

“In Melbourne the Herald-Sun will become the Harvey-Norman, while regional papers like the Cairns Post and the Townsville Bulletin will become the Cairns Harvey Norman and the Townsville Harvey Norman respectively – and respectfully I might add.

“Speaking of ads, in Adelaide the name of our daily tabloid The Advertiser will remain unchanged because it already fits perfectly with our new business strategy,” Mr Murdoch said.

As part of the new strategy, he said all News Corp dailies would be overseen by a new national editor in chief.

“I’m pleased to announce that Gerry Harvey has agreed to take on that new role,” Mr Murdoch said.

“Gerry brings a wealth of experience as well as wealth to the job and he knows exactly what consumers, like me, want.”

When asked about the editorial philosophy he would bring to his new position, Mr Harvey said he did not need to answer any questions.

“That’s not the role of someone who runs a newspaper or a number of newspapers,” he said.

Mr Harvey then called the news conference to a close but before departing added – although nobody had asked – that he would “not be paying back the Jobkeeper money”.