PM rejects coverage claims

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected claims that he was snubbed at this week’s G7 meeting of world leaders in the UK.

Mr Morrison rejected suggestions that he had been desperate to inject himself into world media coverage of the event when it became clear he was being treated as merely a bit player.

“Sure I admit my one-on-one meeting with US President Joe Biden turned into a threesome with Boris Johnson,” Mr Morrison said before pausing and admitting he should have expressed himself better.

“But I was also a key participant in a very important meeting between the UK PM and the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, while I was in Cornwall. (main picture)

“I don’t think the media coverage reflected my participation in an accurate way, to be honest.

“There is a type of ritual coverage of G7 meetings if I can put it that way by using a word which I often use in a very uncontroversial and pedestrian way – in a sort of ritual way, if you like,” Mr Morrison said.


US media mogul Rupert Murdoch has ordered an internal investigation within News Corp Australia to determine why today’s edition of his national broadshit The Australian contains not a single anti-ABC story, column, or op-ed.

Company insiders say the paper’s editor-in-chief Chris Dore was also keen to discover how the slip-up happened and would resort to sacking staff if required.

“Chris is so determined to send a message to editorial staff that he is prepared to rehire people who’ve already departed the paper in past rounds of downsizing just so he can sack them again to make his point,” an insider said.