More dishonour for Nine News

The Bug’s Media Glass House sometimes feels a little guilty over the number of times we have made fun of the basic journalistic bloopers of Channel 9 News’ 6pm bulletin out of Sydney.

But if they keep doing it – mangling facts and basic English usage – are we supposed to just ignore such shabbiness from a mob that have boasted they’ve got the most professional news outfit – that they’ve been Number One – since My Name’s McGooley was on the box?

A case in point was last night’s report on the defamation trial brought by Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith and reporter Kelly Fedor’s claim that Roberts-Smith was “awarded the country’s highest honour…”

Bloody hell, Kelly!

We asked each and every cadet journo in all of The Bug’s general news, sports, women’s issues and investigative reporting hubs if that statement was true and to a man and a women, they all knew that Ben Roberts-Smith has never, ever, been the captain of the Australian men’s Test cricket team!


Despite the number of investigative reporters The Bug has available to it, we have never been able to find out why The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Saturday edition and its sister The Sun Herald have not touched the National Basketball League comp all season.

Not a single lousy par on the sport, even though the Sydney Kings generally perform well in the NBL.

We’ll ask for help once more: can anyone shed light on the reason for this snub?

One story we did hear – one that kind of makes sense – is that Peter Costello, the chairman of Nine Entertainment Co. Holdings Ltd that owns both mastheads, hates basketball with a vengeance.

The story goes that when Costello was a senior at Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne, a ref wrongly called him for travelling just before he executed the perfect layup and the two points that would have won the state’s high school championship crown and would have mightily impressed a young lass in the audience who was president of the Armadale branch of the Young Liberals.