Signs of the times


A Brisbane signwriter says he and others in the same business have struck gold in a new and growing market among the city’s elite private schools.

Stan Dard said his client list and workload had grown rapidly over recent months as more private schools sought to rebrand themselves.

Mr Dard said he was not the only signwriter who was suddenly flat out trying to meet demand for their services.

“Other sole-operators in the signwriting game tell me they’ve also been finding it difficult to meet demand for new signs from Brisbane private schools,” he said.

“To be accurate, I should say ‘former sole operators’ because I and all the others I know in the business have had to take on staff for the first time to meet demand.

“That growth in demand has been confined to boys-only schools that have been contacting me and others to have new signage installed on their campuses as part of their image building and rebranding efforts. (main picture)

“The upsurge in orders for new signs has followed recent court cases and threats of court action by old boys seeking compensation from their alma mater for abuse they allegedly suffered at the hands of a teacher or school staff member.”

Mr Dard said he had been forced to employ another signwriter and two apprentices to help meet demand.

“That’s been necessary just to meet demand from non-denominational and protestant boys’ schools,” he said.

“Christ knows how many extra staff I’ll need once the orders from Catholic schools start coming in.”