It’s not time to party


An internal Labor Party pressure group has claimed a major victory following the announcement that the party will scrap plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gough Whitlam’s historic federal election win later this year.

A spokesperson for the ALP’s federal secretariat said numerous events had been planned leading up to December 2 as part of a nationwide program to mark the election in 1972 of Australia’s  first Labor Government in 23 years.

“All such plans have now been scrapped,” the party spokesperson said. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s a decision taken by the party’s national executive and we think it’s unavoidable in the current political climate.”

The decision follows a campaign over recent months by the new and growing Woke Trans Faction comprising left-leaning rank-and-file members of the Labor Party who have been seeking to pressure the national executive to abandon the celebrations.

WTF spokesperson, Sydney-based party member and gender activist Jenny Taylor, claimed the proposed Whitlam anniversary celebrations would have “endorsed transphobia” if they had proceeded.

“As a trans person I am offended that my party would celebrate a person who chose to identify as a man and whose landmark speech began with ‘Men and women of Australia’,” Taylor said.

“He – and I assume he chose the pronoun ‘he’ – made no mention of trans people. Why should we celebrate that type of blatant transphobic behaviour?

“The national executive has made the right decision and we applaud them for it.”