Hey, hey it’s PC

Australian TV veteran Daryl Somers says he plans to revive some audience favourites in his role as host of the Seven Network’s new show Dancing With The Stars – All Stars. (main picture)

But he assured me that having learned from the kerfuffle over the 2009 “black face” act on Hey Hey’s talent quest segment Red Faces (pictured below), he would be making sure the new show conforms to expected public standards and expectations.

The popular Dancing With The Stars is set to return to its original network home at Seven after two years being screened on Network 10.

Somers and Sonia Kruger hosted the show when it screened on Seven and the network has announced Somers will front the new All Stars version.

“I hope to bring back a lot of the characters that were so popular with viewers on Hey Hey It’s Saturday,” he told me.

“We hope to sign Red Symons up as a judge because he was so popular with his rude and acerbic commentary about the contestants on Red Faces.

“But we realise we need to be much more PC these days and we hope Red will agree to tone down what might be viewed these days as bullying.

“He’ll be much more respectful of the dancers because we don’t want the new show to trigger any previous bad experiences for them or any of our viewers.

“Plucka Duck will be appearing too, but we’ll be replacing his euphemistic name with Depilated Duck just to be safe.

“Dickie Knee will also be back. He was a great feature of the old Hey Hey and is still very popular with fans.

“But we recognise that in the Me Too era we can’t be seen to be too male dominated so we’re planning to have a second character to partner with Dickie and banter with me as host.

“I’m sure Pussy Knee will become just as popular as Dickie,” Somers told me.