A genius whose work is easy to unfollow

Clearly she was as mad as a cut snake so there’s no way in the world Christian Porter fucked her up the arse without her consent.

Tell me I’m wrong if that’s not a reasonable and succinct summary of what Peter van Onselen and Janet Albrechtsen tried on in last Saturday’s edition of that deplorable broadshit The Australian,

Just how mentally ill the victim of that alleged university women’s college rape back in 1988 became during her sad life – and when – should never have been used by this pathetic pair of Porter propagandists in any shape or form but to push that illness to defend Porter scrapes the bottom of both the ethics and journalism barrels.

And to think both of these clowns can vigorously decry trial by media with nary a blush between them.

At least van Onselen must have realised the error of his disgusting ways if Twitter is to be believed. It was awash over the weekend with posts claiming he was busy wiping large tracts of messages from his Twitter feed. One suggested he even attempted to remove his byline from that weekend piece in the Oz and leave the Oz’s resident scold * to take sole blame for it but that seems hard to believe.

Maybe his byline on the article was put there by mistake. If so, he should be both horrified and very, very angry.

All this was supposedly happening while at least 15,000 people unfollowed the fuckwit, me included. Gosh, that felt good.

I’m still not sure which van Onselen I’ve unfollowed though. Was it the Peter van Onselen who is the Windthrop professor of politics and public policy at the University of Western Australia who I’m told once declared Hitler’s Nazis to be socialists? (Yes, I had to look up what Windthrop meant. I prefer Dropkick)

Was it the Peter van Onselen who has been the contributing editor at The Australian since 2009 and who wrote another essay in the Oz full of risible right-wing rubbish that I’d like to think first-year journalism or politics students would laughed him out of a lecture auditorium over.

Or the various Peter van Onselens who pop up on ABC RN Breakfast and various TV shows, proving over and over that he has absolutely no concept of the adage that a week is a long time in politics; one version of Peter van Onselen slamming Morrison at every turn, another declaring Morrison the dead-cert, put-down-your-glasses winner of the next federal election.

Personally, I’d love to be on the senate of the University of Western Australia. I’d boot the academic van Onselen’s arse so far off campus he’d splash down somewhere to the west of Madagascar.

And I wouldn’t let him anywhere near a group of real journos who might be enjoying a jar or twelve in a licensed venue somewhere.

Don Gordon-Brown

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