Royal baby name revealed

Speculation is rife about the name to be chosen by almost-royal couple the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their second child.

But only I can, exclusively, reveal the name chosen for the new soon-to-arrive royal.

The world was told back in February that the Duchess of Sussex, the former Meghan Markle, was pregnant again after suffering the tragedy of a miscarriage last year. (main picture)

In the couple’s recent controversial interview with US TV legend Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry revealed his wife, the former Meghan Markle, was expecting a baby girl.

In the midst of all the ongoing discussion about the bombshell claims of racism which the Duchess dropped in the interview, there has also been plenty of discussion among the royal family and royal watchers alike about the name the couple might choose for their new baby.

Naturally most of us royal watchers believe the couple will name the new arrival in honour of Prince Harry’s late mother.

That option was too difficult when it came to their firstborn, Archie, although my Buckingham Palace sources tell me that the Welsh name Dai was definitely “in the mix” at the time.

In fact I understand from my royal sources that Prince Harry was very drawn to appropriating for his son the full name of one of his favourite Welsh rugby coaches, Dai Young.

But the negative connotation was quickly pointed out and the Prince reluctantly gave up on that idea even though he maintained that it would otherwise be a perfect homage to his mother’s life.

But now, as the birth of the royal couple’s next child approaches, I can confirm that the baby’s name will indeed be a tribute to Prince Harry’s beloved mother, the late Princess Diana.

More correctly I should refer to the baby’s names rather than name because royal personages are traditionally bestowed more than the average number of names compared with mere commoners.

For example, the Duke of Sussex’s own full name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David and his brother and heir to the throne was christened Prince William Arthur Philip Louis.

My royal sources have confirmed to me that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to continue this tradition and will name their second child Herroy Alhigh Nessprincess Diana.

An unusual name, I am sure you will agree. But a fitting tribute to the late People’s Princess.