Facebook wunderkinds finally woke up!

Facebook’s ban on The Bug has just been extended, ironically on the eve of when the bans are reportedly due to be lifted.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the tech giant, since our loss-leading satire site was rounded up with real news organisations and platforms – the ones that stupidly try to monetise things – and blocked from Facebook last Thursday.

We took some pride in the fact that a bloke with an IQ of around 420 and his tech tyro nerds who have never played sport in their lives and who all spent school lunchtimes in the library could not take one look at The Bug and realise that each and every day, we serve up “news” freshly faked as we take the mickey out of all the hubris, hypocrisy and humbug we spot out there.

Especially when the likes of the Chaser, Betoota Advocate and The Shovel apparently belly-ached to Facebook last Thursday and were reinstated the same day. The Bug‘s requests to be treated equally fell on deaf ears.

We also got a chuckle out of the fact that while Facebook had banned me from promoting each day’s stories on http://www.thebugonline.com.au from my personal Facebook page, The Bug‘s business page that sits under that allowed us to promote those daily non-news offerings.

And we openly shared that fact with the world and Facebook finally caught on only yesterday and banned the sub-page too! (pictured at top). Geniuses, lads! One and all!

As the Facebook ban starts to be lifted, we just hope that The Bug as a disseminator of hopefully funny but never nasty fake news will still be seen by Zuckers as a real news platform and have the ban removed too.

If not, The Bug stands ready with a vicious FUCK ZUCK media campaign that sadly won’t be quite as effective as it could have been with Facebook’s help.

Don Gordon-Brown