Oh, the shame … the humiliation!

It’s official! The Bug is now regarded as a serious news organisation that deserves to be banned!

Well, by Facebook, at least.

The ban might never have been imposed if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had been able to see this Bug post (at top) I couldn’t promote on my personal Facebook page yesterday. Hmmm? Then again if he had spotted it and was displeased with our pisstake, this ban might last forever.

Maybe we Buggers should be proud that Facebook thinks that what we do is real news? The most biting and best satire in our view is when it’s so close to the reality we are taking the mickey out of that it’s all rather scary.

Still, after doing this shit for more than three decades now, we would like to think that readers should be able to pick up fairly quickly that we really are one of this nation’s finest fake news platforms. So how about it, Mark?

The Bug is not and has never been a news link. It has not and has never been a news page.

And if this helps, we have never taken an advertising dollar off anybody, not one of those dying-in-the-arse print media dinosaurs that the 21st Century is passing by, very much with your help, and not your zillion-dollar platform that young people used to get their news from until yesterday.

We are just a couple of washed-up hack ex-journos who write for the love of it and take great delight in using humour to take the mickey out of humbug, hubris and hypocrisy whenever we come across such traits.

And at the moment, that very much includes Facebook.

Don Gordon-Brown