Peak group welcomes ban


The Fake News Association of Australia has welcomed Facebook’s decision to shut down news feeds on its Australian platform.

Chair of the FNAA, Marcia Zuckerberg, (main picture) said it was a landmark day for all peddlers of fake news.

“This is a great decision by Facebook,” Ms Zuckerberg said.

“For far too long Australians, like their counterparts across this vast and flat earth of ours, have been handicapped by the presence of real news clogging up Facebook feeds.

“It is fantastic that someone has finally tackled this widespread one-world-government conspiracy to deny every citizen their inalienable right to access genuine fake news.

“This move by Facebook should be seen for what it is. It’s an antidote, but not a vaccine mind you, to the previous dominance of mainstream news organisations – all of which are controlled by the global Jewish cabal that also includes George Soros, the British Royal Family, Hilary Clinton, and that kiddie-fiddling owner of that pizza shop in New York.

“From today on we can breathe easily, knowing that the truth – just like the lizard people being held hostage at Roswell – will finally emerge,” Ms Zuckerberg said.

DISCLAIMER: The Bug is a foundation member of the FNAA.