Controversial decision still rankles


A day after their championship decider between Michael Rowland and Greg Hunt, both camps are still adamant that their man clearly won their fight shown free-to-air on the ABC yesterday morning.

The bout, promoted as The Stoush between the Mouths, lived up to expectations with mollydooker Michael “Leftie” Rowland frequently using his greater reach to ward off some otherwise lethal right-far-right-right combinations from Greg “The Right Stuff” Hunt.

But the officials didn’t see it that way and after three gruelling rounds judges Peter Gleeson, Piers Akerman and Peta Credlin gave the match to Hunt by a clear yet highly contentious points margin.

“We was robbed,” Rowland’s manager, veteran scrapper Ike Buttress lisped immediate the result was announced. He complained bitterly about some of Hunt’s ‘under the belt’ tactics.

“He was unethical, unprincipled and had scant regard for rules of the game.”

But Hunt’s manager Morrie Scotson simply held his boy’s right arm aloft and smirked at Buttress: “That pugilism, baby! Get with the program or piss off!”

Scotson’s barbs were magnified when the judges later released a statement saying that Aunty’s Boxing Club that has had Rowland as a prized fighter on its books for many years was out of touch with the sport’s general direction, priorities and principles and should be disbanded or sold off.