Fleeing family seeks asylum

Mexican Government immigration officials are questioning an American family whose members are seeking asylum after claiming they were forced to flee their home nation because of political persecution.

Members of the Von Trump family (main picture) were detained after crossing a section of the US-Mexican border not yet secured by a climb-proof wall.

A spokesperson for the Mexican Government said the head of the family, who told authorities his name was Donald Von Trump, was claiming asylum for himself and his family.

“Mr Von Trump says that he and his family have been driven out of the United States by a crooked and corrupt administration and are very fearful of returning,” the spokesperson said.

“He says if he and his family are forced to return to the US they face what he described as ‘a yuge risk’ of being persecuted and prosecuted for alleged misdeeds which he didn’t detail, except to say any suggestion he or his family have done anything wrong is fake news.”

The spokesperson said Mr Von Trump had also expressed great interest in the extradition arrangements between Mexico and the United States.

“He said he and his family had entered Mexico on the understanding the country did not have an extradition treaty with the United States.

“We had to advise him that he was wrong and that the US and Mexico have had an extradition treaty in place since 1862.

“His only comment after that was, and I quote – ‘Fuck Rudy’ – unquote,” the spokesperson said.