Pandemic blamed for collapse


A Brisbane man blames the rapid collapse of his new venture on community lockdowns imposed by governments across Australia to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kit Toole said his recently established household removals business was promised lots of work by police forces across the nation but undertook just one job before collapsing.

“I saw a removalist’s truck one day while I was driving and the idea struck me for a niche business that could be filled by a specialist firm,” Mr Toole said.

“So I started my new business late last year and was promised lots of work by police forces around the country.

“But after moving just one young couple from Sydney to Perth a few days before Christmas (main picture) I was given no further work.

“I tried to contact the various police forces in each state seeking an explanation but got nowhere.

“Then I thought perhaps my first job hadn’t gone as smoothly as it could have. Perhaps I had done something wrong in the move. So I rang the young couple I’d shifted to Perth to check.

“But their phone was dead. So were they as it turned out – apparently they were both victims of a grisly murder soon after I drove away from their new house.

“All I can think is that the coronavirus pandemic has stopped people moving house and that’s why business has dried up.

“I have to put the past behind me and can only hope that governments can get on top of the coronavirus and end lockdowns so businesses like mine have a fighting chance.

“In the meantime I’ve had another good idea and I’ll be going online to register my new business which I’ve decided to call Highly Contagious Patients’ Removal Service,” Mr Toole said.