The joy of social media

While our Media Glass House teams at The Bug’s HQ generally focus on the foibles of mainstream media outlets, they occasionally cast an eye over the goings on in the world of social media – that large and growing forum for citizens to spread their own news, information, and opinions as well as fake news, misinformation, and blatant prejudices.

One thing our media analysis team members agree on is that in the world of social media it never takes long for an online conversation to degenerate to a level of behaviour unlikely to be mirrored in real life discourse.

Take for example  the “conversation” started by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on his Instagram feed to thank Sydneysiders for the efforts they are making in battling the latest breakout of the coronavirus.

While it is always a risk for any politician to expose themselves and their thoughts and ideas to a public audience, we can’t help but wonder at how quickly “conversations” on social media channels descend into personal abuse.

The PM’s post received only three replies (pictured) before a follower called j-wats0n told him where to go. Literally.


It has always been relatively simple for columns such as our own Media Glass House to poke fun at news outlets publishing stories containing typos.

Let’s face it, we couldn’t get by without them. So as we approach the end of 2020 we would like to thank those who own or operate the shrinking number of mainstream media outlets across our wide brown land.

If it were not for the mass redundancies, cuts to sub-editing jobs, and the resultant general lowering of standards, there is a good chance of Media Glass House teams themselves might be looking for other paid work. Or at least looking for work, to be correct.

So in this edition we want to send a big thank-you to those at News Corp Australia’s online service for the following clanger which we are told appeared briefly last week before being corrected.


We also thank ABC Online for its recent effort below.

There was once a time when misspelling a word in an ABC news report didn’t matter as long as it sounded correct.

Those daze are long gone, so Aunty kneeds to keep an eye on every syllable her staffers quay in to every won of their stories.


And, finally, we again thank News Corp Australia for the item below extracted from an op-ed run in its Brisbane turdbloid The Courier-Mail.

We really would like to think that we could get by running a media-watch-type column without resorting to picking on outlets for simple mistakes. But fuck it.