Libs launch fundraising calendar


The federal Liberal Party has launched a fundraising drive centred on the sale of a 2021 calendar featuring prominent party members as they have rarely been seen before.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Party’s federal secretariat in Canberra, Bourne Tahruhl, said  the idea of having its identities pose for a calendar was something new for the party as far as fundraising went.

The spokesperson would not disclose who came up with the idea.

“Let’s just say that the Liberal Party at its highest level, and I mean it’s very highest level, has people who have well-known marketing skills,” Mr Tahruhl said.

“So it wasn’t difficult for us to put the idea into practice once we were told it needed to happen.”

Mr Tahruhl said there had been a rush of applicants from past and present Liberal Party MPs when they heard of the opportunity to be the face of one of the months in the 2021 calendar.

“We were aiming for a sort of ‘hunks in trunks’ look for the calendar which we thought might be the best way to generate sales,” he said.

“It was very difficult narrowing down the list of those who wanted to take part.

“Naturally we had to give the PM pride of place as Mr January, so to speak. (pictured)

“The rest were put on a shortlist after each submitted a Polaroid of themselves in their swim wear or gym wear.

“It’s surprising how different many of the household names in the Liberal Party look when you see them out of their business attire.” (main picture)

Mr Tahruhl would not comment on suggestions that the calendar was a necessary device for raising funds for the Liberal Party organisation following the dismal failure of its last major merchandising efforts, the “Back in Black” coffee mugs.

“Look I can’t comment on the success or otherwise of the coffee mugs other than to say the Liberal Party has people who come up with all sorts of fundraising ideas, often people at the highest level, and I mean at the very highest level,” he said.