Royals take lead roles

The Royal Family has taken drastic action to ensure some historical accuracy is injected into the next series of the popular TV streaming series The Crown.

Stung by criticism of allegedly inaccurate scenes and storylines involving major characters, producers of the series  have agreed to demands by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her and other members of the Royal Family to take on key roles in the seventh series of The Crown now in production in the UK.

But while Her Majesty has succeeded in having actual royals appear in coming episodes of The Crown, she and her family members now face the challenge of working with the guest director of the seventh series, famed US filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me that the co-producers of the series, Left Bank Productions and the Sony Entertainment Corporation, welcomed the Queen’s intervention.

“They felt that after so many series The Crown ran the risk of becoming a bit stale and boring,” one royal insider said.

“The series has so far been popular beyond all expectations, but the producers recognised that the audience for any long-running show can grow a bit jaded over time.

“So they decided to engage Tarantino to ‘spice up’ the next series and at the same time the Queen approached them to have her and other real-life royals take on key roles.”

I understand Her Majesty and other members of her family have been rehearsing and shooting scenes for the next series, even Prince Harry who has flown back from the US especially for filming. (pictured)

From all reports the Queen is happy with the outcome although she has had to demand a few minor script rewrites, mainly of scenes involving sex, drug and alcohol use, and shootouts which she felt Tarantino had underplayed.