Trump’s new legal bid

US President Donald Trump has launched a legal challenge aimed at overturning Australia’s 1983 win of the America’s Cup.

The historic 4-3 victory by the 12-metre class yacht Australia II in the best of seven sailing competition in waters off Newport, Rhode Island broke a 132-year stranglehold on the Cup by the New York Yacht Club.

But in a social media post Mr Trump said the victory by the winged-keeled Australia II over the NYYC’s defending yacht Liberty should not be allowed to stand.

“Rigged! Aussies never won fair and square,” he tweeted after announcing his plan.

“A winged keel should never have been allowed. Liberty won fair and square.”

Mr Trump said he had tasked his personal legal counsel Rudy Giuliani with leading the legal challenge and rewriting the history books of the America’s Cup.

At a news conference outside the Marriott Meat Rendering Company plant in Washington DC, Mr Giuliani (main picture) said he would soon lodge an application in a US court to have the 1983 result overturned.

“I’m not yet sure what court we will be approaching or what our application will say, but it is clear we have a solid case,” he said.

“The rigged result in 1938 that allowed Austria to claim the America’s Cup was followed by so-called ‘wins’ against US yachts by other nations like New Zealand and Swaziland in later challenges.

“We believe that once the original illegal result is overturned then the record should show an unbroken win by US vessels since 1581 and the Cup itself should be permanently housed in its rightful place at the Newark Yacht Club.”