Bluey’s future in doubt

The future of one of Australia’s globally popular actors is in doubt after his wild behaviour during and after last night’s 2020 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards.

Bluey, the male cattle dog pup who actually plays the lead in the eponymous series built around the adventurers of a Blue Heeler female pup and her family and friends, was found this morning unconscious in a Sydney CBD street after apparently celebrating to excess after last night’s AACTA Awards.

The Bluey series was named best children’s program at the awards which were held under social distancing rules which meant most nominees were not physically present at the Star Casino in Sydney.

However, an AACTA source said Bluey, who has matured rapidly since the series first screened in 2018, did make the trip south from his home in Brisbane where the cartoon series is made and insisted his co-stars go with him.

“When he arrived at the Star Casino we immediately wished he hadn’t made the effort to be here,” the source said.

“It’s not unusual for big-name stars to, shall we say, start celebrating early by having a few drinks, but Bluey took it to a whole new level.

“He made Karl Stefanovic at the Logies look almost teetotal.

“He started skolling glass after glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch – his preferred tipple – even before the awards presentation telecast started.

“So he was pretty well pissed even before his show was named as the winner in its category.

“He was just so badly behaved. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“He wouldn’t shut up – barking and snapping at other guests on the Bluey table, including his co-stars.

“He got so pissed he started licking his own genitals in front of everyone and didn’t bother heading to the toilets, instead just lifting his leg under the table.

“When the show won in its category, the others at the table had a hell of a job stopping Bluey from taking to the stage to accept the award.

“Thank goodness they did because he threw up on the carpet shortly after, then started eating it.

“So it was not a surprise to me when I heard he’d been seen wandering Sydney city streets in the early hours of this morning and was found unconscious at dawn in George Street,” the AACTA source said. (main picture).

Industry sources tell me that the futures of both Bluey and Bluey are now under a cloud.

At last report, he and his representatives were in discussions with the makers of the series and the ABC which originally commissioned and screens the show that is now seen in numerous TV markets around the world.

I am told that Bluey’s actions may have breached clauses in his contract that allow producers to dismiss cast members for public misbehaviour or bringing the Bluey series into disrepute.