Editor hits out at readers


The editor of Brisbane’s Sunday Mail has penned a personal message to all Queensland voters on the front page of today’s edition blasting them for getting yesterday’s state election result wrong.

Kelvin Healey last week published a lengthy editorial (pictured below, left) in the News Corp weekly turdbloid urging voters to elect an LNP government led by Deb Frecklington.

His view was echoed by a pre-election day editorial in the Sunday Mail’s weekday sister publication The Courier-Mail on Friday (pictured below, right) which also called on voters to back an LNP government.

The News Corp broadshit The Australian also editorialised in favour of an LNP government.

In today’s front page message to readers (main picture) Mr Healey said Queensland voters “should be ashamed of themselves” for not listening to the instructions given to them by the Sunday Mail and The Courier-Mail and The Australian.

“It was a very simple thing we asked of voters – to replace a Labor Government with an LNP one,” his message said.

“Yet this task appears to have been beyond the ability of most voters who have defied our instructions and instead voted Labor back into office.

“It is simply unacceptable that anyone would vote against our explicit directive or reject the sound argument we made to change the government – an argument that consisted entirely of the fact that we and the rest of News Corp Australia wanted a change, which should be more than sufficient.

“Voters in Queensland really need to learn that when we – the Sunday Mail or The Courier-Mail or The Australian – speak, then they need to do as we say.

“We have our own reasons for wanting to have installed an LNP government, but those reasons should not be of any concern to voters.

“I am very disappointed in readers who failed to obey us by wilfully failing to vote LNP and I really must question whether Queensland voters deserve publications of our standard at all,” Mr Healey said.