Leaders quit campaign


Queensland’s two major political leaders have reached an agreement for an early end to their campaigns for the 31 October state election.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington are believed to have negotiated the agreement in the past 24 hours following the expected huge influx of voters at pre-polling stations across the state.

“Early voting has grown significantly in popularity in recent years for elections at all levels of government,” a senior Labor Party source said.

“Just on Monday this week – the first day of pre-poll voting for this election – a record 100,000 voters headed to pre-poll centres across the state to cast their votes early.

“The daily average of pre-poll votes is expected to increase as more people become aware of its availability and on our projections we estimate that every voter in the state will have cast their vote by around Thursday afternoon.

“So after that the Premier and the LNP leader will have no real reason to do any further campaigning.

“So yesterday arvo we put out feelers to the LNP to see if they would agree to call the campaign quits at the end of this week.

“They quickly agreed because it’s a way for both of our parties to save stacks of money in advertising and travel costs and the like.”

The Labor Party source said both party leaders had agreed to spend the final nine days of the 26-day campaign “catching up on some well-deserved sleep”.