It’s a date then….

Social mediocre on Friday carried some posts suggesting NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had made a number of taxpayer-funded trips to Wagga Wagga, home of secret boyfiend Daryl Maguire.

Supposedly for some grass-roots campaigning, just without the grass. Just servicing local constituents, if you like.

The cynical old hacks behind the Glass House nodded their heads over some very clever journalism and came to the same conclusion: if those reports are true, Our Glad is gone for all money, regardless of what fibs she may or may not have said at her ICAC appearance.

So what did the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday lead with? A story about when Maguire and Berjiklian first started dating.

Okay, let’s assume the social mediocre buzz was incorrect. It is true that fake news has appeared from time to time on Farcebook and the Twitterverse.

But really, SMH? It must have been a slow news day Friday for its readers to wake up Saturday to read that Maguire told ICAC he believed that he and Berejiklian first started butting uglies in 2014.

“But ’14 was clearer in my mind. 14/15. I just can’t be clearer. I really don’t have a firm recollection of, at the, the date that you’re, that you’re seeking. But somewhere in there, our close personal relationship began.”

All this came about because of Berejiklian’s “bombshell” evidence on Monday that she and Maguire had taken up horizontal folkdancing in 2015!

2014? 2015? Who really gives a fuck? Especially seeing the SMH couldn’t be bothered to explain to its readers the significance of these two lovebirds getting their “when we first done it” dates wrong.

Unless someone is sitting on a whole folder of information about flights taken by our Glad to Wagga Wagga for some down time away from the pressures of politics, and the dates of those flights and who paid for them become very, very relevant.


If you need an example of the mindset of Newscorpse before signing Kevin Rudd’s petition for a royal commission into Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in Oz, take a look at these Courier-Mail online standfirsts from last night.

Maybe the story that both these teasers tout includes someone crying “total disaster” but what a one-eyed take on an amazing landslide victory to the Labour government of Jacinda Ardern.

Throw in an unflattering picture of Ardern looking worried and a suggestion that somehow pollsters got the result so terribly wrong – they didn’t – and it just about sums up the gritted-teethed, shocked reaction of a far right-wing media giant to a Labour landslide win most people saw coming.

Newscorpse does not infest New Zealand itself, for which Kiwis should be forever grateful.