AFP clears govt over airport land deal


The federal government has been cleared by the Australian Federal Police of any wrongdoing over the purchase of Badgerys Creek airport land for $30 million, ten times its real value.

The AFP only just yesterday launched a probe into any potential criminal or corrupt activity over the Leppington Triangle purchase scandal (above), in which Australian taxpayers paid that $30 million for a plot of land not needed for 30 years.

The Auditor-General earlier had released a scathing report into the sale of the land that borders the site of the new Western Sydney Airport, for which Liberal party donors received $26.7m above the land’s fair value.

But an AFP spokesperson said overnight it was ridiculous to expect the AFP to take months and months not interviewing any of the relevant witnesses before finally making a decision that any conviction was unlikely over the property deal on the evidence the AFP rigorously avoided finding.

“It would be, quite simply, a dreadful waste of time and money,” she said. “And it would be hard imagining the Liberal or National parties ever doing anything like that, anyway.”

And in Canberra, Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked the federal police for saving taxpayers possibly millions of dollars that would have been incurred had the AFP engaged in one of their usually lengthy and time-consuming non-investigations.

BREAKING NEWS: The Australian Federal Police has established a 12-man taskforce to investigate claims federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese deliberately hid a government-issue ballpoint pen in his briefcase and took it away from the Parliament House building in Canberra.