Justice Bolt volunteers to serve


Australia’s leading jurist Mr Justice Andrew Bolt has volunteered to run former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s proposed Royal Commission into the activities of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp Australia.

Justice Bolt said that as the nation’s most experienced and best qualified judicial figure he would be a natural fit for Rudd’s proposed inquiry.

“I have had a long and distinguished career adjudicating on matters of great national importance,” he said.

“Most recently I oversaw the exoneration of Cardinal George Pell after a handful of obviously misled or deliberately mischievous individuals dared to criticise and bring down such a great national figure.

“I believe the same type of activity is afoot when it comes to Mr Murdoch, one of Australia’s living national treasures if there ever was one. Or if he actually was an Australian.

“It is obvious to me that my talents are exactly what are needed if Mr Rudd’s inquiry is to have the effect it deserves.

“I believe Australians would know that I would bring to any Royal Commission into the Murdoch media empire my well-known ability to divine the facts – as I see them – of any complex matter.

“Mr Rudd is well within his rights to seek a Royal Commission and I, as our nation’s most qualified jurist, am available to run the inquiry and to ensure all the facts are examined and that Mr Murdoch and his family as well as his senior management are totally cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

“Justice delayed is justice denied, as they say, so the sooner we get the Royal Commission up and running and give Mr Murdoch a clean bill of health and find him completely innocent of any of the outrageous allegations against him, the better it will be for our nation,” Mr Justice Bolt said.